Ok, i half assed a friends page so i can say i did it.. back off 😀 ill edit all the images to be the same size and put images side by side later today (or right now if i feel up to it.. im getting kinda tired thou.. its 7am) and i also added a robots.txt and a button for it on the front page.. kinda a lesser known helper on the web that file is.. anyways.. gonna go play with my linux box a lil more (which is what im on right now) and edit my xorg.conf file down by removing all the commented lines and cleaning up its layout.. and saving a backup so when i format i can just download and replace instead of having to replicate the whole thing over again, which is what i currently do.. and sometime today or tomorrow im gonna make a page for carolynn cuz she dont have one and should.. ( and she keeps asking me about it ) 😉 I Love you Babe! 😀 there.. i made the blog more personal.. im goin to hell now for writing personal things in my blog!!! eep!! anyways.. im quite delusional now.. so i know its bedtime. Today im also hoping to get to a Card shop out in Dublin to check out their magic scene.. if i dont do that ill goto the one here, since i havent yet ona friday nite, but it did kinda suck when i went last time, just a few kids playin some Wrestling card game.. novies.. i swear.. 😉 l8r all..

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