So im sitting here minding my own.. playing online talkin to a few friends, keep hearing what i thought was water hitting the gutters on the ground outside my window (it rained last nite) and then i hear kelly tell me that someone is outside the window so i look and see nothing, but heard a noise, so i take off the screen and look and see a shadow over in the corner. Me thinking its Chris (Kellys son that she just kicked out) said “You should leave before your mom sees you”, next thing i know this dude (more on that later) is at my window lookin at me sayin im just tryin to get thru i pointed to the left sayin “theres the front fence, might wanna jump it before the dogs or kelly get ahold of you”, so he heads over there tryin to get over and the dogs are a barking and he cant get over, Geoff (Kellys husband) is tellin him to get over the fence and on his way. So finally dude gets over the fence and i head towards the front to make sure hes leaving and not hanging around or something stupid and see Kelly with a shovel tellin the dude to wait and the cops are on their way.. Dude trys to get by and Kellys all like You wait right there asshole” or something along them lines.. and dude trys to get by and then attempts to nab the shovel and is wrestling with kelly.. I see whats goin on (since im the geek i am, im playin with my digi cam tryin to adjust the settings to get a good pic) and then go get the dude away from kelly (who now lost the shovel and dude damn near had it) by putting em ina headlock, and tell em to sit the fuck down.. he listened.. a few min later cops show up and it turns out the dude is a fuckin chic.. now listen here.. chics 1st have tits.. this bitch didnt.. had a crew cut haircut (not long hair like a gal should), and was built kinda like me just a lil bigger.. :: sigh :: anyways.. thats my exciting story for the nite..

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