decided to sleep from about 11:45 til 4ish.. so im gonna try goin back to sleep til 8ish, maybe have another full day. :: shrugs :: if that made any sense.. LoL.. when i wake up im gonna work on the friends page, and this blog layout. i want to get archives goin (since it seems im writing too much and things are falling off the bottom) and i want to make sure it looks ok how i do it.. so i expect that to take awhile.. :: shrugs :: im also goin to be ravamping the games page (and fixing the sitemap to reflect that). Got a few ideas floating around in my head about how i want it to feel.. Then later in the day im gonna spend some time playing with various window managers.. im not happy with gnome right now, its kinda amazing how no matter what resolution you have it set to.. it FEELS like 800 x 600.. :: sigh :: off to bed with me.Edit: Managed to make things a bit smaller messing around in the xorg.conf , at 1280 x 1024, course now i see flickering around the screen.. must be this old video card i have.. s3virge 4mb or something like that.. ill play with it more later.. for now.. i must sleep. :-Dseems to flicker when things are moving on the screen.. so im still guessing crappy video card 😀 this is sposed to be a server computer with no monitor anyways. so it shouldnt matter.. but im in the process of backing things up and deciding if i want to use windows for a server or continue with archlinux.. so my sever has become the desktop and my desktop has become a workstation (im currently using it just to develop and my c++ homework.. )

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