no i swear.. except the fact that my teacher kicks us out at 6: 15 when class is supposed to be out at 6:50, so we get to sit around for 45 minutes waiting for ceramics class to start.. get me a blow up doll, throw me on the wheel and call me Patrick Sw. 😉 Bored bored bored.. im still ahead in my C++ class even thou i havent done homework in 2 weeks.sidenote: im sorry baby that i hurt your arm. Tonite im gonna finish up Ch 3 homework for C++ and maybe even start Ch4 (which we havent started in class.) and ill be sure to update ../cpp_code. anways.. gonna go get a good seat in class. cuz i dont want the 17 yr old whores, errr.. high school students.. stealing the good ones.

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