Ok, just spent some time updating the site… i dont like doing that.. its not fun nor fast.. to recap what i did.. i added the sitemap, styled the admin.php for the image gallery, added names & links to the friends page, added the games page to the front page, think i made sure its all XHTML 1.1 and CSS valid. and… ermm.. i think thats all.. im sure there was more cuz it seemed like more.. :-DIll fix up the games section to look more like sn0n.com (or maybe just do my top bar link back to sn0n.com and set it up as a seperate thing.. dunno) and the site map right now isnt dynamic.. its quite hand written.. ill fix that eventually also.. i also want to setup a search site (which will use the sitemap database) and add that to the front page of sn0n.com.. any other ideas you guys have please let me know.. i love ideas!!!

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