Eh, just wanted to say hope everyone had a nice v-day. I slept in mad late (5ish), and then went to Mervyns for a few minutes, and now here i am at the computer as always. Didnt goto class tonite since my partner in crime is babysitting. But im actually lookin forward to class tomorrow (The Internet), gonna be my first chance to test out my thumbdrive and its setup 😀 im gonna setup a autorun flash when i get my flash skills developed 😀 (but ill use Macromedia Director for the .exe). Good times. Ohh.. damnit.. i forgot wat else i was gonna say.. oh well.. LoL.. ohh yeh.. remembered.. i think instead of a Magic page, im gonna have a Games page, so i can throw things like Pokemon, Magic, Chess and others on there too.. tonite i hope to have the Sitemap setup also, but it wont be the dynamic crawling one i was talking about. but that is comming in the near future, ill prolly setup a cron job to do it once a day, but im not sure exactly how i want the layout to be.. i will figure something out thou 😀

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