First i want to give a shout out to my buddy Vasco & Kris, Who both slave away day in and day out. You both kick ass. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Maybe tonite im gonna add a Magic: The Gathering Decks section. Which ill be posting various decks i used to admire and love. and MAYBE a preliminary sitemap, which i hope to accomplish with a php site crawler ill be writing. Depends on if i can get enough of it done. Just a few things i wanted to let you all in on. Also ditched ION as a window manager and back on Gnome now, i really liked ION, but couldnt make it look pretty, maybe ill play with it a lil bit more later and see if i can get the themes to work. I know they exist.. just couldnt get them working. im a instant gratification kinda person thou, so im sure i didnt get it long enough. :-DI also wanna get updated on my C++ homework / learning site, As right now its just my assignments. :-/ Lots of things i wanna do.. and lots more empty rob promises. :: shrugs :: HeHe.. til later tonite / early tomorrow morning.

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