Ah its a beautiful day. Went and did a random check on the PR of sn0n.com and im back up to a 3. 😀 not quite the 4 i had for awhile there, but its slowly climbing. Im gonna be adding a few more sections to the front page and redoing how its laid out. its goin to be 2 columns, and more sections, finally gonna get the sitemap, a classes section (which will be a Personal page for my C++ work, which your more then welcome to use as a reference), and a few others lil sections.. So many times ive said this i know.. but im gonna get it done this time.. i promise 😀 I also hope to redo the gallery a bit.. i love how it works.. but i want a lil more for it.. and maybe sub-sections. :: shrugs :: not too positive how im gonna do it yet.. maybe ill do it like WinXPs My Pictures folder. ;-)Who Knows!?!Last nite i also got my server back up since i messed it up last week with a pretty lil CHMOD that was missing a period(.) , big oops that was.. but its ok, i now finally set it up with the kvm switch so i can have it as a Linux (read: Gnome) Desktop. Good times. Classes are goin OK also, cept one where i have actual homework. Grrr to that teacher.. hehe.. ok.. well ive ranted long enuf.. toodles

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