Something i just started playing with.. -moz-opacity its a CSS style for Mozilla based browsers.. seems like something i wanna use on to further hinder the Anti-IE tactics here at… see a what i mean at

There are some good reasons to like firefox, among them chiefly being its more secure then most other browsers, updated often, free (and opensource), and its got a ton of features.Tabbed windows, Pop-up blocker, rendering engine thats nearly unrivaled by most. And if your a coder and it does somthing you dont like, or it dont do something you do like, being opensource you can add or remove what you dont like. Best of all its free and has no spyware or activex controls to let spyware get installed (unlike the in-famous IE). Just think bout firefox the next time you get a icon in your system tray (thats the lil box next to your clock) or a popup bout big busty brunettes. Firefox & Spreadfirefox

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