sometimes i like to think today will be different then all the others, thats at 6am before i goto sleep.. then i wake up and find that its just the same.. but today im gonna do something different.. im gonna shower.. ok.. just kidding.. no showers for me.. i wont even shave!! im actually kinda bored sitting here at the computer, Carolynn is off baby sitting somewhere.. and im here.. all in my lonesome.. maybe ill go thru some of the old CDs and post a few pictures up on my gallery. ill update this post when i do.. maybe ill write a few more poems too… after i shower of course. i expect another full nite of fun.. browsin the web, claiming to be working on my website(s), downloading random programs and randomly deleting others, maybe play with a lil C++ too while im at it. tonite shall be a good nite.

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