Ok, we all started somewhere online. I personally started chatting online with yahoo i believe from public places that rented out computer time, this was back in around 1997ish.. then in 1998 i got my first computer was a crappy lil Pent-175mhz, but it got the job done… Ditching yahoo then temporarily i decided to start up with IRC, namely using mIRC as my client. I used mIRC for quite some time from between 1998 and 2002. Along came AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and others.. Still using irc at times, but recently me and a friend Adam. Decided to ditch AIM and all other client/servers all together and use irc only. So starting tomorrow (Friday) at 12AM (thats midnight for you smart people). I will only be using irc to chat. Im debating setting up a server on sn0nsb0x.info but havent really decided, so if anyone knows some social networks (please non-warez related) let me know. i will probably be seen on irc.freenode.net moreso then others using sn0n as my nick. If anyone cares to join me here are a few preferred clients.mIRCX-Chatgaim & TrillianircII See you there!

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