Daily Works slow info dump ^_^

“According to the researchers, the key traits for being a good friend were conscientiousness, or how careful and vigilant you are, extraversion, or how much you like to interact with others, and agreeableness, or how kind and understanding you are. It’s pretty simple really. You can like what you like as long as you don’t make such a big deal about everything. If you want to be a great friend, just show up to things (and show up on time), don’t always try to be right, and actually make an effort to spend time with others instead of hiding away. You can learn more about the study at the link below.” -Lifehacker Article about being a kick ass person


Ramme – Instagram Client for the desktop











New Server, New Site

Found some time this weekend to setup a new server and get the domain back up, still have to tweak some server settings and get things updated a bit more, found some packages were outdated. The next order of business is getting old posts imported, just gotta find the files first… now to spend some time looking for a theme and getting some plugins installed.


working on the site, setting up sections, think i’ve finally settled on a theme.. thinking about moving most of whats on avlox.com to the ./gaming page, and redirecting avlox.com directly to that page (and sub pages)…